[29/04/15 16:21:42] Adriano Wilfert Jensen: Adriano Wilfert Jensen analyses and produces conditions for relations through choreography. His practice includes making, curating, representing and dealing choreography, dancing in the works of others, as well as a number of other occupations like a series of cocktail hangouts, making a magazine, teaching, dinnerpartiers etc. Recent works are “Galerie” (2015) – an immaterial gallery for immaterial artworks founded and run in collaboration with Simon Asencio, “i-D Indigo Dance Festival”(2014 & 2015), curated and produced in collaboration with Linda Blomqvist, Emma Daniel and Anna Gaiotti, “Museum” (2014), collaboration with Simon Asencio, “Strohhalmen (straws)”(2014), “Debut”(2013), collaboration with Sandra Lolax and Pontus Petterson,“The Protocol”(2013) a group choreography featuring a big and growing group that will never meet all together,“Spending Time With Dinosaurs” (2012) collaboration with Emma Daniel and “grass dog girls” (2012). His work has been presented in France, Estonia, Belgium,The Netherlands, New York, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.Adriano has danced for Deborah Hay, Mårten Spangberg, Dora Garcia Janez Jansa, Benoit Lachambre and Hisako Horikawa a.o. He holds a BA in choreography from School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, and received the Danceweb Scholarship 2012 and 2015.
[29/04/15 16:21:48] Adriano Wilfert Jensen: sth like that



Galerie – an immaterial gallery for immaterial artworks founded and run with Simon Asencio – Brussels 2015
Opening Meditation, Collaboration with Sandra Lolax and Pontus Petterson – Viljandi 2015
Strohhalmen (straws), grouppiece – Amsterdam 2014
Responsible From Dance, lecture commisioned by RISK – Copenhagen 2014
museum S/S 2014, collaboration with Simon Asencio – Stockholm 2014 & Amsterdam 2014 & 2015,
Debut, collaboration with Pontus Petterson and Sandra Lolax, Copenhagen and Stockholm 2013, Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond and festival:display
The Protocol, collaboration with Sandra Lolax, Lisa Milloy, Emma Daniel, Kaisa Sööt, Julia Thelin, Eliisa Eravalo, KroOt Juurak, Mårten Spångberg, Peter Max Lawrence, Elizabeth McSurdy, Eleonore Joulin, Ruairí Donovan, Thijs Witty, Jan Ritsema, Richard John Jones, Simon Asencio, Karina Sarkissova and Laurent Garnier. Zürich, Rotterdam, Saint Erme, Hamburg and Amsterdam 2013.
Voguing Interventions, collaboration with Karina Sarkissova, Maria Peralta, Jonathan Valelly and Carles Casallachs, Amsterdam 2012
the selfexpressive concert piece at home that tried to subvert subjectification, Amsterdam 2012
grass      dog      girls, Amsterdam 2012
one and a thousand messias – playing with objects and references, Amsterdam 2011
village, Amsterdam 2011
Its Just Because Now I Died From The Poison So Now I Am A Ghost, Copenhagen 2011
Brand New Kittens, Copenhagen 2010
For My Mother, Amsterdam 2010
Memento, Amsterdam and Copenhagen 2009
Familien Cosby, Hamburg 2008


Natten by Mårten Spångberg, Bologna, Brussels, Oslo, Stockholm, Santarangelo 2016
For Ever Rage by Anne Imhof, Berlin 2015
La Substance, but in english by Mårten Spångberg, Trondheim 2014, Paris and Brussels 2015, Zurich and Berlin 2016
Epic Redux: The Nature by Mårten Spångberg, Stockholm 2013
Hisako Horikawa & 37 SNDO Students by Hisako Horikawa, Amsterdam 2013
Spending Time With Dinosaurs, Choreography by Dinosaurs, Performance, PR and Production management by Emma Daniel and Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Sigean & Amsterdam 2012, NYC and Brussels 2013, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Viljandi, Berlin 2014, Copenhagen 2015
The Beach by Mårten Spangberg, Vienna 2012
Wile E., Movie by Christopher Holloran, Amstedam and NY 2012
What else to say? by Thibault Maillard, Amsterdam and Berlin 2012
The Attempt by Clara Saito, Amsterdam 2012
Genital Presentation, collaboration with SNDO2, Amsterdam 2011 and Utrecht 2012
The Monkey Piece by Simon Asencio, Amsterdam 2011
play with knifes by freija van dijk and jip van stenos, Amsterdam 2011
Who is Next? by Janez Jansa, Malmö 2011
Recyclisting Song by Yurie Umamoto, Amsterdam and Berlin 2010, Salzburg 2011
Breaking The Chord by Deborah Hay, Amsterdam and Utrecht, 2010
I allowed things happen to me by Magdalena Ptasznik, Amsterdam 2009
This is my body by Alice Pons, Amsterdam 2008
Alice by Oded Graf, Copenhagen 2008


Indigo Dance Festival #1, #2 & #3, Saint Erme
performances and exibition at Adriano’s house, Amsterdam 2012
Sammenskudsgilde dancefestival at Dansescenen, Copenhagen 2010.


Mårten Spangberg – Deborah Hay – Keith Hennesy – Meg Stuart – Krööt Juurak – Jan Ritsema – Maria Hassabi – Susan Rethorst – Jeremy Wade – Igor Dobricic – Robert Steijn – Kerstie Simson – David Zambrano – Jeremy Nelson – Bo Madvig – Simone Augtherlony –  Frans Poelstra – Bojana Cvejic – Katie Duck – Benoit Lachambre – Martin Nachbar


School For New Dance Development, Amsterdam 2008-2010 + 2011-(2014)
Scenekunst, one year course in acting and physical theatre, Copenhagen 2007-2008


PACT zollverein, residency, 2016
Menagerie de Verre, residency, 2016
Workgrant from the danish artscouncil 2015 & 2016
MDT, residency, 2014
CODA space 2013
L.A.C. Lieu d’Art Contemporain 2012
Danceweb Scholarship 2012 & 2015, co-funded by Augustinus Fonden
Performing Arts Forum, 2 * 2010 1*2011 and 1*2012
Forsøgsstationen, 2011

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