18 – 24 August 2015 – Indigo Dance 2
Choreographic Practice in bed with Abundance

Indigo Dance 2 explores the imaginary and potential by mingling domestic practice with aesthetic experience, conviviality with critical thinking and invention with desire and curiosity. With its open source and “peer to peer” structure Indigo Dance is a hawk that seeks for new practices, concepts, methods and formats in a sharing, supporting and analytical manner. It provides “guns for dances” by building concepts and discourse around what we do. We believe in the aesthetic experience and the changes it can install and so by showing up, insisting and making things possible for each other we are convinced that we can build the softest army.

i-D 2 like its predecessor, proposes PAF as the setting for an extra luxurious and highly convivial week of rethinking practice, form and expression in dance and choreography. The week is an unfolding of workshops and activities altogether different that ends with a grand festival.

Indigo Dance welcomes you to share your works, thoughts, concepts, methods and practices. The team will invite guests, commission works, propose collaborations and open the mini-bar. A schedule will be prepared ranging from breakfast in the nest, techno telepathy and inner body dance class over cocktail hangout to concept invention and floorwork interviews to be contributed to, disobeyed or strictly followed.

The hyper fest of i-D 2014 gave a glimpse of the dark deep sea forest that is the territory to be discovered, invented and forgotten this year. The adolescent has grown up yet stays forever curious and rebellious. Lets keep the daring and allowing attitude, enthusiasm and joy undead while allowing new things to surface.


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Dancemaker and performer
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