Since three weeks I am in PAF ( working on a solo performance.

It has bin hard for my exactly to say what it is that I am working on, as my work implies questioning the concept, that work can be about something. I rather see my work as a practice as a process of questioning and emptying rather than a process of answering and filling up. In this post I want to share some questions that I abuse. I am using an email that I just wrote to Nina Djekic as a draft:

My questions, in this process, have bin many and changing.

A main question for me now is “where are we” in the most dynamic sense.

I see it as a question of two mechanisms in one.
Where are we? – how is our connectivity changing?
And also where are we? – what am I doing here in front of you?

At this point of the work I use more questions. I ask specific questions to specific parts, a score right now could be:
How can I listen to you?
Where are we?
How can I mix our spaces?
where are we?
How can I look at you?
where are we?
How can I make myself big?
where are we?
Do I like it when you look at me?
where are we?
what is the sensation of this yelling?
where are we?
How can I fill up the space?
How can I open my body to ask: Where are we?
I ask myself: Is this a way for me to practice not knowing, in order to listen more.

Is performing a way to invite you closer to me?

Is performing a way for me to get closer to you?

Does this score still exist if it “works”?

I ask myself if this is a game I am playing in order to unlearn the rules of playing.

I want to close my eyes to fixed matters, in order to open my body: eyes ears skin mouth nose spine and muscles.

Is closing my eye a fixed matter? Or is closing my eyes simply the act of doing.

I want to study what I don’t know about this performance.
I want to question the concept of meaning.
I want to get closer to you.
I want to be generous to you.
I want to open myself for you.
I want to enjoy swimming in the strange loop.

One could say that my performance is about not knowing what that would mean.

One could say that my performance is a practice of listening.

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